Woman Behind Indomie’s Beloved Mi Goreng Passes Away at 59

mi goreng

Nunuk Nuraini, the woman behind Indomie’s iconic “mi goreng” flavor, has passed away at the age of 59.

According to BBC, Nuraini passed away peacefully on Wednesday afternoon. No cause of death has been disclosed.

Nuraini had worked as a flavor development manager at the popular Indonesian brand for nearly 30 years.


Ever since its inception in 1972, Indomie has become the most popular instant noodle brand in Indonesia. Though the brand now offers many different flavors, “mi goreng” remains its most iconic flavor, gaining worldwide popularity.

Tributes popped up all over social media to commemorate Nuraini’s legacy. Many called her a “visionary” and a “legend for Indonesians.”

Feature Image via @gustirapi (Left), Amazon (Right)

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