Why Men Shouldn’t Negotiate with Beautiful Women, According to New Study

A new study conducted by Chinese psychologists confirms that men are willing to sacrifice possessions, ideals and integrity to make an attractive woman happy.

The Department of Management Science and Engineering at Zhejiang University recruited 21 male subjects, ages 18-26, to partake in a computerized ultimatum game with two separate groups of women who were established by another study group as attractive and unattractive.

The game was fashioned like a bartering system using small amounts of money as trading currency. The men were told to barter with the women until they both agreed upon a set amount of money they could split.

Women who were considered more attractive repeatedly negotiated higher amounts of money and were able to do so faster than the women who were considered unattractive.

The results were conclusive and backed the psychologists’ initial hypothesis, which stated that a man who concedes to the demands of a beautiful woman is said to “arouse his reward-related neural circuitries.”

In others words, the study hypothesized that when men make a beautiful women happy, they become happy as well. Therefore, beautiful women are able to effectively override men’s capacity to behave in a rational and reasonable manner.

Source: Telegraph Image via YouTube
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