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The Chinese-Filipino singer who symbolizes the Philippines’ three-month-long Christmas celebration

Jose Mari Chan meme

September’s arrival means two things for many Filipinos: the holiday season is fast approaching, and memes featuring Chinese-Filipino singer Jose Mari Chan, 76, will be everywhere. 

Here come the memes

Altered images and online jokes featuring the beloved singer have unintentionally become a part of the Filipino holiday tradition in recent years.

New Character That Means ‘Poor’ and ‘Ugly’ is Extremely Relatable to Chinese Millennials

chinese millennials

A newly-created pessimistic character is garnering attention from Chinese millennials and the younger population, saying that it perfectly describes them.

This new character, “qiou,” is a combination of three characters: (qiong) that means poor, (chou), which is translated as ugly, and also (tu), meaning earth. If put together, the character essentially reads as meaning “poor as dirt and ugly,” according to Shanghaiist.