Meet the Hot Guangxi Firefighters That Will Make You Want to Burn Your House Down

A fire brigade in Liuzhou, in the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region released a series of promotional posters earlier this month and it’s getting hot in here!

The fiery pictures have since gone viral across Chinese social media, with one commenter saying, “Really handsome! Salute to our national heroes!”, according to Shanghai Daily.

The posters show the hunky firefighters covered in what appears to be soot and partaking in some rescue drills to show off their skills.

Many of the posters also feature the men posing without any shirts on while carrying heavy objects, throwing water at each other or doing pushups.

These Guangxi firefighters makes us want to start a fire or be a cat stuck on top of a tree, so douse yourself in water and enjoy the posters below:

Back in November, the New Taipei Fire Department released similar photos for their 2017 calendar and the thirst was most definitely real.

The New Taipei firefighters reportedly have been featured on the calendar for 9 years and donations go directly to Down Syndrome Foundation ROC.


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