Meet Beast, The ‘Billionaire Dog’ of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and his wife Priscilla Chan own an adorable dog named Beast who has over 2 million followers on his Facebook fanpage.
Beast is a Puli from the foothills of Grants Pass, Oregon. He is an active pup who likes herding, playing and cuddling, according to his profile.
Chan told Savannah Guthrie, a correspondent for TODAY: “So we have Beast, our Hungarian sheep dog and he is so talented. He’s so smart. He knows his daily schedule. He has an extracurricular activity. He goes herding. He herds sheep. And we’ve been told that he’s quite gifted.”
Pulis are a type of Hungarian sheepdog that are used to herd cattle and sheep. One of the most prominent features about a Puli is their mop-like hair, which makes them practically waterproof.
Zuckerberg said in a February interview with TODAY: “He’s, like, this ridiculously cute dog. He looks like a little sheep. He’s amazing.”
Chan also added: “The dog is [Mark’s] second priority after Facebook.”
Beast lives in Palo Alto with the Zuckerbergs and constantly has his Facebook page updated with pictures and facts.
Check out some of the pictures below and tell us what you think of Zuck’s pup.
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