Woman Claims to Be Allergic to Wi-Fi, Collects $900 a Month For Disability

A French woman won a disability grant because of an allergy she has to electromagnetic radiation from devices like iPhones, laptops and Wi-Fi, reports the BBC.

Marine Richard, 39, has a condition recognized as electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS) by the World Health Organisation (WHO).

WHO claims that people who suffer from EHS have to deal with headaches, palpitations, fatigue, nausea and nosebleeds when exposed to electromagnetic radiation.

Richard has had to resort to living in the French Mountains in a remote barn with no electricity. She appealed to a court in Toulouse and now has the opportunity to claim 800 Euro ($900) a month for the next three months.

While Public Health England claims that there is no scientific evidence to prove that electromagnetic fields damage people’s health, the U.S. and Sweden have officially recognised EHS as a condition.

Although the courthouse ruling did not formally recognise EHS as an illness, Richard was quoted as saying that her case is a “breakthrough” for people who have EHS.

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