Malaysian Man Arrested for Whipping Wife Who Served Him Cold Food

A man in Malaysia was arrested for whipping his wife just because the food she served him was already cold.

Authorities learned about the incident when the wife lodged a complaint against her husband on Sunday evening, The Star Online reported. The couple lives in a village on the outskirts of Miri in northeastern Sarawak.

The wife had scars all over her body. Miri police chief Asst. Comm. Khoo Leng Huat said:

“We have arrested the 33-year-old husband. In the latest incident, he whipped his wife with a belt after complaining that the food she gave him was already cold.”

It appeared that the abuse was going on for some time. Allegedly, he would also beat his wife every time she fed her pet dogs.

Khoo went on:

“Investigations so far show that he has been beating her repeatedly. The husband would beat her with his belt and rotan.”

The man remains in police custody until Friday for further investigations.

It is unknown whether the couple has children, but if they have, we hope these kids did not witness the horrible abuse before their eyes.

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