Shocking Video of Man Brutally Beating His Wife in Front of Their Kid Goes Viral in China

A man in China was caught on video beating his wife in front of their crying daughter on the streets of Chengdu over the weekend.

The wife had allegedly been cheating on the man, which prompted the beating. The video has gone viral with netizens commenting on his actions. According to Shanghaiist:

“Right in front of his child’s eyes, this man is a monster,” one netizen commented.

“I’m happy to see that there were still so many people who tried to step in. I’m impressed by the people of Chengdu,” another commented.

“I’m not saying this man beating his wife is trash. I’m saying that every man who beats his wife is trash,” commented another Weibo user.

Whether the man has been caught is unknown. However, China’s first-ever domestic violence law came into effect on March 1st. The law prohibits all forms of abuse in couples who are either dating or married (excluding gay couples). Lastly, police must respond within 72 hours of the case being filed.

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