UK maid café where customers are called ‘master’ hiring more servers as business thrives

UK maid café where customers are called ‘master’ hiring more servers as business thrivesUK maid café where customers are called ‘master’ hiring more servers as business thrives
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Animaid Café, a maid café in Manchester, England, is looking to hire more servers as the business continues to thrive despite online criticism.  
The controversial business, which is located in Afflecks Palace, prides itself as the U.K.’s only sit-in maid café.
The Japanese-inspired eatery features servers in anime-style maid uniforms, including lacy fishnet stockings and ruffled miniskirts, who act as servants and refer to customers as “masters” or “princesses.”
The café specializes in sweet treats, including milkshakes, bubble teas and mochi ice cream sundaes. It also has a section that sells anime figures.
Before entering the café, customers must agree to a set of rules, including not touching the maids nor discussing serious problems such as trauma or mental illnesses with them. 
Animaid Café was previously slammed by Manchester councilor Joanne Harding on Twitter last month, who said the establishment’s atmosphere made her “f[l]esh crawl.”
She criticized the restaurant for its “no touching” policy, saying that professionals should not have to worry about being harassed in the workplace. 
“A maid café. No touching or asking to touch the maids,” Harding said. ”We have a gender-based violence strategy and ask, ‘Is this OK?’”
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One Twitter user dubbed the café as “Hooters for incels,” referring to a person who regards themselves as involuntarily celibate and considers themselves unable to attract women as sexual partners. 
However, executives of the café said that Harding’s comments and her fellow detractors have caused a spike in their business, prompting them to hire more servers
“Customers have stuck by us since the media attention,” manager Vic Littley told Jam Press. 

We have become a lot busier since, and are currently hiring more staff to help out. A bad situation has turned into something more positive. Attention from the counselor made us want to improve our service. There has been a fast increase in positive attention too. More people are open to hearing about what we do and asking questions.

A bulletin posted on Animade Café’s official Instagram account notes that applicants must be 18 or older, have performance or cosplay experience and must be “outgoing” and “confident” members of the team.
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