‘Ching Chang Chong’: Asian Woman Calls Out Racist Man, Friend on NYC Subway

‘Ching Chang Chong’: Asian Woman Calls Out Racist Man, Friend on NYC Subway‘Ching Chang Chong’: Asian Woman Calls Out Racist Man, Friend on NYC Subway
A video posted on Instagram showed an Asian woman’s confrontation with two passengers on a New York train, with one going on a COVID-19 rant and spewing racial slurs.
The Instagram user, who only wished to be identified as Nikki C., told NextShark the incident happened on the F Train traveling uptown at the Second Avenue Station.
“As I got on, this man in the video was already standing in the middle of the car, maskless, yelling at someone about how he had COVID already and survived it, it is ‘fake, fabricated, made up in Wuhan,’” Nikki told NextShark, adding that the man was also yelling “Ching Chang Chong.”
Nikki said she ignored the ranting man at first. Then, he and his female companion took the seat across from her, and the woman began rubbing his back. That’s when Nikki started recording the incident.
“I wanted to show how ignorant this drunk guy was— talking about how Covid is FaBrIcAtEd and FaKe, didn’t need to wear a mask etc,” Nikki said in her post. “But then, him yelling ‘Ching Chang Chong’ multiple times with me and other Asians on the same train pissed me off.”
Nikki initially didn’t intend to confront the man. She only wanted to show her roommate how aggressive he was, and then he started spewing racial slurs at other passengers, Nikki explained to NextShark.
Nikki can be heard confronting the female passenger and calling her out for not saying anything to her companion.
“Are you guys cool with that?” Nikki asked the woman, who claimed to be a foreign exchange student, and “did not understand what was going on.”
The female passenger first responded by shaking her head. Seconds later, the woman approached Nikki in what appears to be her attempt to explain the situation.
“You think that’s okay?” Nikki can be heard telling the woman in the video. “Do you guys not see what’s going in the news right now and you think that’s okay?”
“No. I’m never saying it’s okay. It’s never okay,” the woman replied.
“You’re sitting back while he was saying ‘Ching Chong.’ That’s okay right now?” Nikki fired back, to which the woman responded no.
“Then why are you sitting back and letting your friend talk like that?” Nikki said as the male passenger remains quiet in his seat. “I don’t see you doing sh*t but patting him on the back for saying that.”
Nikki then demanded the woman to step back and get her friend off the train.
“My intention was never to have these people fired or lives ruined,” Nikki explained. “I just wanted people to see what goes on and how small these ‘words’ may be. Along with how I, a female Asian, not intimidating at all, was the only one who said something on the train. Eventually, people spoke up. But you can see I waited to see if he would stop, his ‘friend’ would say something, or anyone else- in which case, no one did.”
“So I would like not only Asians to feel strong enough to speak up but also others who see this,” she added.
Nikki also told NextShark she was targeted with death threats and received attacks for “bullying the girl.”
“I want everyone to know that Asians end up having their narratives changed so they go from the victim to the aggressor or bully when it shouldn’t be our jobs to educate racists.”
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