Controversial IRL streamer returns to Japan, has face bloodied in altercation

Controversial IRL streamer returns to Japan, has face bloodied in altercation
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The streamer originally sparked controversy after a clip of him ranting about World War II on a public train in Japan went viral

September 13, 2023
Controversial in real life (IRL) Kick streamer JohnnySomali was punched in the face and almost got a female Twitch streamer suspended after harassing her in public in just less than a month since returning to Japan.
Key details: JohnnySomali announced his return to Japan in a post on X on Aug. 17, which contained a photo of him standing in front of  a background made up of the Rising Sun Flag, a symbol that some countries in Asia and Southeast Asia find offensive.
Harassment: During his return trip to Japan, JohnnySomali reportedly almost got Meowko, a female Twitch streamer in the country, suspended for showing him on her livestream during an encounter on Sept. 10.
A clip of their encounter shows the Kick streamer approaching Meowko while livestreaming to proclaim that he is “the most famous n*gga in Japan.” He later tells her, “We don’t like Twitch streamers on Kick.”
Twitch ban: JohnnySomali is banned on Twitch, and showing someone who was already banned from the platform in a different livestream is reportedly a violation of Twitch’s Terms of Services, which can result in a strike or suspension for the other streamer.
In a post on X, Meowko said she was able to contact Twitch staff immediately, saving herself from any potential repercussions.
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Getting into a fight: Another clip also shows JohnnySomali and another livestreamer named Jino confronting a man while in Japan. The encounter resulted in both of them getting punched in the face and knocked down, with the Kick streamer ending up with a bloodied mouth.
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It was unclear when and where the physical altercation occurred. The video went viral on the subreddit r/LivestreamFail, where it received over 2,500 upvotes and more than 600 comments.
Other details: It is unclear how long JohnnySomali’s Kick channel will be down, as searching for his name on the platform returns a 404 error as of this writing. He sparked controversy after a clip in which he ranted about World War II on a public train in Japan in July went viral.
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