Man Saves $1,870 Worth of Coins to Buy Engagement Ring for His Childhood Sweetheart

 Some say that love doesn’t exist, but a Chinese man just proved otherwise by exchanging a 330-pound bag of yuan for his childhood sweetheart’s engagement ring.

Liang Liang, 30, traveled to three different jewelers in Fuyang city of China’s Anhui province, looking to trade 12,000 yuan ($1,870) worth of coins to fulfill a promise he made to his childhood girlfriend 20 years prior, according to Yingzhou Evening News via South China Morning Post.

After being turned away twice, Liang finally found a jeweler who accepted his money on his third attempt. Although the coins were neatly wrapped in newspaper, it took half the day for the four staff members to sort through all of the yuan, which were coins valued no higher than 1 yuan (16 cents) apiece.

According to a report from Yingzhou Evening News, Liang proposed to his girlfriend after he bought the ring by saying:

“Do you remember 20 years ago, I said I would earn money and marry you? Now I’ve earned enough to buy you a ring, please marry me!”

His girlfriend reportedly broke down into tears and was ecstatic in saying ‘yes.’

The owner of the jeweler was so moved by Liang’s story that he had all of his coins put on display in his shop as proof that true love exists.

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