19-Year-Old Chinese Girl Gets Plastic Surgery to Look Like Actress Liu Yifei

Another Chinese girl has chosen to go under the knife in an attempt to recreate the beauty of her favorite celebrity idol. Meet Li Yifei, a 19-year-old from Qingdao, China who is using cosmetic surgery to become a clone of her idol, actress, model and singer Liu Yifei.

After a relative noted her resemblance, Li and her mother began searching pictures and instantly became a obsessed with the model’s looks, career and personal life — Li even studied her mannerisms and studied classical Chinese dance, according to Shanghaiist. Here’s what Liu Yufei actually looks like:


Liu is credited for her roles in “The Third Way of Love”, “For Love or Money”, “The Four”, “A Chinese Ghost Story”, and “The Forbidden Kingdom”. She reportedly also holds citizenship in the United States.

Li revealed she always wanted to get cosmetic surgery since college, though her obsession with Liu’s beauty came before:

“When I was young I was watching ‘The Story of a Noble Family’, I thought the 15-year-old Liu Yifei was so beautiful and had such an air of class about her, I really liked her. I thought to myself that it would be good if one day I could be like her.”

While thirsting for beauty often requires expensive procedures and basically a complete life change (hopefully for the better), Li insists it’s her true path:

“For beauty, it is worth it.”

There has been an increasing number of Chinese students who opt for cosmetic surgery after completing the Gaokao, China’s notorious college admissions test, in an attempt to meet success even earlier in life with the advantage of good looks.

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