Chinese Woman Undergoes Eight Years of Plastic Surgery to Look Like Fan Bing Bing

Chinese actress Fan Bingbing, one of China’s most beloved actresses, is also a singer, producer and fashion icon, and has won the hearts of millions of fans all over the world with her impressive acting chops and striking good looks.

It is no wonder that many of her admirers want to be like her. There are some, however, who prefer to take it to an extreme level by spending tons of money to go under the knife so they can look “exactly” like her.

Fan’s face has become so popular that plastic surgeons even offer procedures named after her.

One fan, He Chengxi, has spent the past eight years of her life undergoing several plastic surgery procedures to make herself look like the beautiful actress.

According to Sina (via Shanghaiist), her boyfriend even opened his own plastic surgery clinic to show his support.

An appearance by He on talent show “Super Girl” astonished the public because of her uncanny similarity to the popular actress.

Dubbed by netizens as “Fake Fan Bingbing,” many observed that it was impossible to tell the difference between pictures of He and Fan.

Yu Bing, another Fan Bingbing lookalike, spent an enormous amount of money and underwent a ridiculous number of plastic surgery sessions to look just like the actress.

The 29-year-old business woman, who runs a clothing shop with her friends, said that she wants to emulate the superstar Chinese actress’ looks. Over the past two years, she has spent $122,000 on 20 plastic surgery sessions.

The real Fan Bingbing has strongly denied in the past that her white skin, chiseled chin, big eyes and pointed nose were the results of plastic surgery.

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