K-pop star Rain denies $8.6 million real estate fraud accusation

K-pop star Rain denies $8.6 million real estate fraud accusationK-pop star Rain denies $8.6 million real estate fraud accusation
via RAIN’s Official Channel
Michelle De Pacina
September 27, 2023
K-pop singer and actor Rain has denied accusations he committed real estate fraud involving around 8.5 billion won (approximately $8.6 million) in the sale of a house in Itaewon, Seoul. 
False property sales: In a video uploaded to YouTube on Monday, YouTuber Goo Je Yeok claimed that a buyer who purchased property from Rain, whose real name is Jung Ji-hoon, filed a complaint against the 41-year-old singer for false property sales in August.
The allegations: The buyer, referred as Mr. A, allegedly made a deal to sell his own property — Namyang New Town building in Hwaseong — to Rain, and as part of the arrangement, he purchased Rain’s Itaewon house for 8.5 billion won (approximately $8.6 million). However, Mr. A claimed that Rain’s house was different from what was described and shown to him, including false representations in photos provided during the sale.
When Mr. A requested to view Rain’s house before finalizing the deal, Rain declined, citing privacy reasons. After the sale was completed, Mr. A alleged that the property was significantly different, with discrepancies in features such as the absence of an outdoor swimming pool and poor interior conditions.
Rain’s response: Rain has since denied the accusations, claiming that the buyer’s claims do not align with the facts and the official building register exchanged during the sale process. Rain’s agency also suggested that the singer was being targeted due to his celebrity status and stated that they have evidence to refute the claims.
“It is an immoderate attempt to scratch a vendor solely for being a celebrity,” the Rain Company said, according to Korea JoongAng Daily. “The fact that someone would buy a multibillion won house from just its photos is entirely illogical from a sensible standpoint. The buyer’s claims are very distant from the facts of the case as well as common sense.”
As for the legal representatives for Mr. A, they have indicated their intent to present further evidence to challenge Rain’s claims in response to the allegations of real estate fraud.
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