Korean Barbecue Restaurant Hires Beefy Hot Guys to Serve Meat to Customers

Korean Barbecue Restaurant Hires Beefy Hot Guys to Serve Meat to Customers
Laura Dang
November 17, 2015
Would you like a hunky shirtless man with your plate of raw meat? The customers at a Korean barbeque restaurant called Macho Nikuya in Tokyo, Japan, sure do.
Things were definitely heating up for the Korean barbecue, or yakiniku, joint in Tokyo’s Ebisu neighborhood earlier this month.
The restaurant, Macho Nikuya, had taken a unique approach to marketing that seems to be trending in the Asian food industry.
Diners at Macho Nikuya were able to feast their eyes on plates of sizzling Korean barbecued meat and the men who were serving them.
The pop up restaurant was open from Nov. 2-9 as a joint collaboration between an existing restaurant and a fit group of food promoters who call themselves Macho 29. The men at Macho Nikuya aren’t shy about flexing their guns for customers, reported RocketNews24.
Customers walk into a restaurant of half-naked apron-clad men eager to wait on their guests.
Among the staff members are “Mr. Sugawara”, “Mr. Aska”, and
Great Saiyaman”, who greet their diners with:
“What muscles do you like?!”
A lady who dined at the restaurant dropped compliments where she deemed appropriate as she said:
“Nice, nice. You must have really bulked up for today.”
When ordering, customers are given stickers to place on their waiter’s body part that corresponds with the type of cut they want. Mr. Aska’s only request is that they be “anywhere, but the nipples.”
The buff men of Macho 29 have rented out their services for restaurant promotions in the past.
They count a shaved ice shop this past summer among their successes after drawing lines around the block.
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