Fierce Male Dancer Takes on 200 Cheerleaders At Miami Heat Auditions, Wins Respect

While dancer Keyth Wylson did not meet the expectations of the Miami Heat cheerleading team this year as the only male auditionee among nearly 200 total, he might have exceeded just about everyone else’s.

According to Local News 10 Florida, Wylson is a dance teacher, choreographer and the executive director of Exclusive Vibes Contemporary Dance Theatre in Miami, Florida. Although he is not the typical cheerleader — meaning he is not female — his moves did a little more than raise some eyebrows.

Wylson has been auditioning since 2012 and although he did not make the final cut at the recent auditions, he is being recognized across social media platforms for his determination, courage and skill. Wylson told Local News 10 Florida:

“Never let anyone tell you you can’t do something because of this or that, never let anyone tell you you’re not good enough, or you’re not small enough or you’re not fit enough; it should always be, ‘go for it.’”

Although professional cheerleading has been known to be an extremely competitive all-girls sport, Wylson is breaking headlines and challenging the status quo with style. He said:

“Dance has no gender, no sexuality. It’s just dance, and it’s art.”

The 28-year old dancer isn’t dismayed about not making the final cut and said he will continue to audition until he finally makes it.

h/t: MTV News
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