Tech Employee Spends $476,000 on Online Strippers and Sex Toys Using Company Card

A “national solutions architect” for a St. Louis-based company was indicted last week by federal authorities for using nearly half a million dollars in company funds to pay for online strippers.

John David Berrett, 40, is accused of falsifying expense reports from September 2013 to October 2014 while working for tech integration company World Wide Technology, according to St. Louis Business Journal. The reports Barrett filed claimed he was spending money, over $476,000 in total, on training materials and dinners for important clientele, but according to federal agents, the money was spent on sex toys, exotic presents and online stripper tokens.

Barrett reportedly spent the company money on a website called, where he bought $100,000 in tokens to pay online strippers to perform different sex acts.

Apparently, Barrett spent over $100,000 in tips alone and charged roughly 2,200 different transactions to a company credit card.

Barrett is also being accused of spending company money on expensive wines, shoes, clothes, iPods and pianos. He also allegedly sent one specific performer $26,800 for her college tuition, new tires and utility bills.

Although Barrett’s former employer declined to comment on his immediate dismissal, they said that are continuing to cooperate with the ongoing investigation.

Barrett is being charged with five counts of wire fraud. Each count carries a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison.

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