6-year-old dies 2 months after baseball bat attack in Texas

6-year-old dies 2 months after baseball bat attack in Texas6-year-old dies 2 months after baseball bat attack in Texas
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The boy who fell into a coma after a man struck his head with a baseball bat in Georgetown, Texas, died on Tuesday.
Catch up: Jeremy Tang-Diaz, 6, was sleeping in his bedroom in his family’s home in Rock Mill Loop on Sept. 11 when a neighbor, Daniel Logan, 39, allegedly broke inside and attacked his family. The suspect, who was armed with a baseball bat, struck the child’s head, and later, his own mother, according to reports.
Jeremy ended up in a coma. His father, Arturo Diaz, provided updates on his condition in a GoFundMe page.
Death: Jeremy died on Tuesday after suffering the worst “neural storm” since his hospitalization, Arturo said. A neural storm, or neurostorming, is a hyperactive response of the sympathetic nervous system caused by an injury to the brain, resulting in an elevated heart rate, blood pressure, body temperature and other unstable symptoms.
“Early this morning I was checking him and noticed a pale face and eyes with no motion. Then his heart stopped,” Arturo wrote on Wednesday. “They tried to resuscitate him, but it was not successful. He fought for over 60 days and was improving, but in the end, the odds seemed against him and he gave up the ghost.”
Arturo thanked the public for supporting their family. As of press time, their GoFundMe campaign has raised $326,885.
“I was there when he took his first breath and saw him take his last — no parent should see their children buried before them,” he wrote. “Thank you all for supporting us, and most especially for supporting Jeremy.”
What’s next: Logan, who remains held on bonds amounting to $650,000, was previously found incompetent to stand trial. He is scheduled for a mental health hearing on Nov. 28.
Autopsy results are pending. In a Facebook post, a spokesperson for the Williamson County Sheriff’s Office said that if warranted, they will cooperate with the District Attorney’s Office to present a case of capital murder to a grand jury.
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