‘King of Mandopop’ Jay Chou slammed by Singaporean concertgoers for ‘poor vocals’

‘King of Mandopop’ Jay Chou slammed by Singaporean concertgoers for ‘poor vocals’‘King of Mandopop’ Jay Chou slammed by Singaporean concertgoers for ‘poor vocals’
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Fans who attended Taiwanese singer-songwriter Jay Chou’s recent concert in Singapore are now criticizing him online.
Chou, also known as the “King of Mandopop,” was in Singapore for his “Carnival World Tour” concert on Saturday and Sunday.
Following his performances at the National Stadium, he was slammed on social media by fans who were left disappointed and dissatisfied.
Prior to this, the Taiwanese artist’s last concert in the Southeast Asian country was held in January 2020. Fans who were excited to see him live once again paid about 218 Singapore dollars to 388 Singapore dollars (approximately $161 to $287) for concert tickets. 
“Singapore seems to be a little high, please keep being high for day two,” Chou wrote in an Instagram post on Sunday, according to Asia One
Chou also posted on Instagram on Monday about Sunday’s performance.
Although the 43-year-old singer thanked his fans, his Instagram posts were bombarded with comments from netizens who bashed his performance and compared him with artists such as JJ Lin, Eason Chan and Jacky Cheung.
“With singing like that, forget it, I might as well go home and listen to the CD. It’s a concert I regret attending the most,” one Instagram user wrote. 
“Can I get a refund? Even half will do, really,” another user said.
Some fans also took to Instagram to bash his guest performers, with one commenting, “Big brother, that few friends of yours shouldn’t be on stage, it was really embarrassing. It’s enough that they were on ‘J-Style Trip’ [Chou’s reality Netflix series], but please don’t bring them on your concerts, we spent good money to hear you sing, not your guests.”
“Lots of complaints on Xiaohongshu… saying you didn’t sing much, it was mostly the guests singing. And it’s the same old problem, the audio was louder than your voice,” another user said.
Other concertgoers out the event’s poor sound system, late start, abrupt end and faulty light sticks.
Some fans, however, stood up for their idol and continued to show their support. 
A few of them noted that people should not expect the singer to perform at the same level he used to decades ago.
“The comments comparing him to JJ, Mayday, Eason: Jay’s throat has been failing for years, and his health is not as great as the rest of them, so he can’t complete one whole concert,” one fan wrote. “Everyone who can’t stand Jay having his buddies perform with him and is saying that his voice has changed, please don’t buy his tickets. Leave the tickets to fans who truly like him.”
Some local celebrities, including actors Jeanette Aw, Pan Lingling and Shane Pow, also shared photos on social media to praise Chou. 
“Such a talent. This concert is also a visual feast,” Aw reportedly wrote in an Instagram story.
“Finally watched my childhood idol @jaychou live for the first time!” Pow wrote in an Instagram post on Sunday, adding that the concert was a “memorable experience.”

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