Japanese Test Reveals What Your Sleeping Position Says About Your Personality

A new Japanese personality test, being as fun as they are to try out, claims to reveal the link that connects a person’s character based on their sleeping pattern.

According to RocketNews24, a Japanese Twitter user @lenri_rinle posted a photo that examines how you can decipher a person’s personality judging by how they sleep.

In the photo that was shared, there are eight different sleeping patterns listed, each corresponding to a person’s assumed behavior.


The King – People who sleep with their back laid flat on the bed, with both arms and legs freely extended are said to be individualistic and confident.

The Hug – Those who fall asleep while hugging something are described as frustrated and idealistic.

The Fetus – This one is pretty self-explanatory. Those who sleep in a fetal position are said to be pampered and clingy.


The Half-Fetus – This is same as the fetus position with the legs extended rather than curled up. The photo described people who sleep like this as balanced, indecisive yet rational.

The Prone – People who sleep with their face pressed down on the bed are believed to be nervous and sensitive, but capable workers.

The Sphynx – This sleeping position is common among kids but pretty rare when it comes to adults. The photo did not however provide a personality trait.


The Prisoner – Those who sleep with their arms and legs closed are said to be individuals who are unsuccessful in their career s and interpersonal relationships.

The Raised Leg – If you sleep with your legs raised, the photo suggests that you are sensitive, nervous, short-tempered, but has a strong memory.

Although some are pretty relatable, like the “King” position, some of the examples are unjustifiable. Still, these are interesting attempts to get a better insight of how the mind of a person operates.


So, what’s your sleeping position?

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