New Japanese Trend Suggests Your Nails Can Reveal the Type of Person You Are


Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to tell what is a person is like just by looking at their external features? Well you’re in luck! A recent new trend in Japan infers that the way your nails are shaped can reveal your personality. The article was originally published on in Chinese, but RocketNews24 translated it into English to break down each shape.


Vertically Long: You’re a mild-tempered romanticist.

  • Strengths: You’re likely to have a more developed right brain. You have a great imagination. You’re creative and have great attention to details.
  • Weaknesses: You’re known to get overwhelmed by things around you and might easily be deceived, so be more alert and cautious. You might find it hard to deal with the logical left-brain type.



Broad sideways: You’re a short-tempered theorist.

  • Strengths: You’re likely to have a more developed left brain. You’re very eloquent. You speak your mind and are very straightforward when giving feedback.
  • Weaknesses: You can be impatient and short-tempered at times, so make sure to practice controlling yourself. You don’t get along with people who are emotional and listen to their hearts more than logic.




Rounded or egg-shaped: You’re a laid-back pacifist.

  • Strengths: You are a chill person who likes doing things at your own pace. You’re very good with people and often act as the mediator whenever you’re in the middle of an argument. Compared to others, you get along quite well with all types of personalities.
  • Weaknesses: Because you’re so well-liked by many people, people might think you’re easy to take advantage of. As the saying goes, don’t let others mistake your kindness for weakness!



Squarish: You’re serious and hard-headed.

  • Strengths: You’re most likely a man. You don’t like to give up and have guts.
  • Weaknesses: Although your serious attitude is a good thing, you’re more stubborn and inflexible. Try to open up your mind to new ideas and don’t be afraid to try them!




Triangular or inverted triangle: You’re the sensitive genius.

  • Strengths: You’re great at coming up with new ideas and often notice the little details most people tend to miss.
  • Weaknesses: Those with inverted triangle nails are known to be a little pushy, and upright triangle types tend to be way too sensitive. People with nails like these often dislike the more laid back types of people that like doing things at their own pace.

almondAlmond-shaped: You’re faithful and honest.

  • Strengths: You have a great imaginations and are always kind and sincere with people. You’re polite and courteous.
  • Weaknesses: You are short-tempered and have a hard time dealing with things you can’t accept. Make sure to take a deep breath and relax before you reach that point of snapping.

swordSword-shaped: You’re the ambitious idealist.

  • Strengths: You’re willing to work hard to achieve your goals. You’re willing to do whatever it takes to follow your beliefs.
  • Weaknesses: You’re not good at working with others. You tend to get impatient with people, especially ones who are more relaxed and don’t work at the same pace as you. It might be beneficial for you to learn to be a better team player.

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