New Japanese Service Lets You Rent a Hot Guy Who Makes You Cry, Then Wipes Your Tears

There is a new Japanese service starting on September 24 that will send “hot guys” out to wipe away the tears from people who are crying.  
The service is called Ikemeso, a mix between the words ikemen, meaning “hot guy,” and mesomeso, meaning “crying.” It has an entire staff of licensed men who specialize in “therapeutic crying” according to RocketNews24.
The men show up to businesses or houses with videos that are created to make people cry. The men play the videos and then wipe away the tears of anyone who ends up crying. The service is meant to help businesses establish a strong bond with their employees. Apparently, seeing someone crying in a “natural and honest” state improves overall communication.
While the idea sounds a bit radical, they mean business and are charging 7,900 yen ($65) per session. After they play the video and wipe away the shedded tears, the crying specialists pack up their things and move on to the next pity party.
Check out some of the crying specialists below and order one for a birthday, wedding or perhaps just because you’re lonely. Here are the types of guys they offer:
The “little-brother-type” guy.
The “Showa Era-type” guy, a.k.a. “slightly-older-than-you-but-still-hot” guy.
The interestingly-named “therapeutic-Mr.-Tokyo” guy.
The “intellectual-type” guy.
The “bad-boy-type” guy.
And the adorable “sweet-dentist-type” guy. Maybe he’ll brush your tears away?
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