Video: Japanese ‘fartist’ blows away ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ judges

Video: Japanese ‘fartist’ blows away ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ judgesVideo: Japanese ‘fartist’ blows away ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ judges
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Japanese entertainer Ichikawa Koikuchi left “Britain’s Got Talent” judges impressed with his unique comedy act during the show’s Season 16 opener on Saturday night. 
The self-proclaimed “fartist” performed a series of acts that involved him farting into a tube, blowing out the candles on a cake, and blowing a party horn.
Judges Simon Cowell, Alesha Dixon and Amanda Holden found the unconventional performance funny, although Bruno Tonioli, who recently replaced David Walliams as judge, said it left him speechless.

Koikuchi has been performing his tricks for decades and showcasing them on his Instagram account and YouTube channel.
According to his social media profiles, he has the ability to “pass gas whenever he pleases” and he “focus[es] on his one and only special trick – a fart.” 
He has performed similar acts on “Asia’s Got Talent” in 2019 and “France’s Got Talent” in 2022. He managed to get a “yes” from the judges on “Asia’s Got Talent,” but did not reach far in the competition. 
On his “Britain’s Got Talent” debut, Koikuchi had a problem performing his last trick, which involved popping a balloon with a dart propelled by his fart.
The performer, however, received overwhelming support from the audience and the judges, with Cowell even joining him on stage for another try.
With hosts Ant and Dec egging him on, Koikuchi eventually managed to pop the giant balloon. Koikuchi and Cowell also shared a hug to celebrate the triumphant moment.
Koikuchi received three “yes” votes from judges Cowell, Dixon and Holden to send him through to the next round.
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