Japanese man blows up his home while trying to kill cockroach

Japanese man blows up his home while trying to kill cockroachJapanese man blows up his home while trying to kill cockroach
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A Japanese man inadvertently caused a minor explosion inside his apartment in Kumamoto, the capital city of Kumamoto Prefecture, while attempting to kill a cockroach with an insecticide over the weekend.
What happened: The incident occurred inside the 54-year-old man’s apartment in Kumamoto around midnight on Sunday, according to the Mainichi Shimbun.
The prefecture’s Kumamoto Higashi Police Station noted in its report that the explosion happened about a minute after the man sprayed a large amount of insecticide on a cockroach he spotted inside the apartment.
The accident reportedly broke the man’s balcony window and left him with minor injuries. Authorities also found burn marks near a “kotatsu,” a lowered table with a futon or heavy blankets hanging on its side and a heater affixed to the underbelly of the tabletop.
What caused it: Although authorities did not reveal the exact cause of the incident, the National Consumer Affairs Center of Japan has received several reports of similar incidents caused by insecticides that come in contact with electrical outlets or other sources, the Mainichi Shimbun noted.
Insecticides are known for having flammable ingredients inside them, such as alcohol. They can also contain propane and butane, which are used as propellants to push the chemical outside the can and into the air.
The data: The Kumamoto City Fire Department has reportedly had 22 incidents of fire caused by spray cans in the past 10 years. About four of those fires were purportedly caused by a heater being ignited or a lit cigarette.
To prevent any fire or explosion, the fire department urged the public not to use spray cans, such as insecticide, hair products or deodorant, near a fire and to make sure to ventilate the room after spraying indoors or in a car.
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