Jackson Wang says he’ll ask Instagram for help if he can’t find love by 35

Jackson Wang says he’ll ask Instagram for help if he can’t find love by 35Jackson Wang says he’ll ask Instagram for help if he can’t find love by 35
via TVB 娛樂新聞台
Jackson Wang shared details about his love life in a recent interview.
Speaking to TVB StarTalk while in Singapore last month, the 28-year-old artist admitted that although he ”really want[s] to date,” his busy work schedule does not allow him to do so.
For example, I might really like your personality and want to get to know you better, but then I have to fly to Thailand the following day and then to South Korea the day after that. The fire would be gone. I’ll let nature take its course. By the time I’m 35 or 40, if I cannot find love, I will post on Instagram to ask for help.”
The video of the interview was uploaded to TVB’s YouTube channel on Jan. 2, more than a week after Wang performed at Singapore Indoor Stadium on Dec. 23, 2022. The December concert was part of the singer’s world tour “Magic Man,” which is also the title of his latest album.
During the interview, Wang also revealed that he likes Hong Kong singer and actor Stephy Tang.
The GOT7 member recalled that he first started liking Tang, 39, upon seeing her in the 2007 movie “Love is Not All Around.”
He tried looking her up on Instagram and was surprised to discover that she was already following him.
After messaging her and telling her that he is her biggest fan, she reportedly replied with a simple “Haha.”
“It’s also a reply, what else do you expect?” Wang laughingly told the Hong Kong TV program.
Speaking about his future, Wang shared that he wants to settle down by the age of 35, but if that is impossible, he is willing to push this back five to 10 years so he can spend enough time with his future child.
If I have a kid at 60 years old, then when they are 20 years old, I would be 80 years old. By then, I won’t be able to have a drink or chat with them.”
“My heart wouldn’t be able to take it if we exercise together,” he added. “It’s not cool, you know.”
On his career, Wang said he is interested in eventually trying acting.
He revealed that he has been undergoing martial arts and acting training to prepare himself.
I think it’s not very respectful if I jump into acting when I’m not very good at it,” he explained.
He also shared that he is now ready to attend film auditions this year.

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