Billionaire Jack Ma Posts Hilarious Pictures of Things That Look Like Jack Ma

Billionaire Jack Ma Posts Hilarious Pictures of Things That Look Like Jack Ma
Sebastian Dillon
By Sebastian Dillon
July 8, 2015
Jack Ma, the billionaire founder of Alibaba who hates being rich and wishes he was poor again, is a man of many facial expressions. While the internet likes to mock the entrepreneur from time to time over his peculiar looks, Ma isn’t against poking a little fun at himself either.
The 51-year-old billionaire had a little fun over the weekend with some pictures of what he thinks he looks like.
“Thought I would give comic strips a try. This is even harder than being a CEO. Do you guys have any more pictures? To be continued!” Ma posted on his Weibo account.
According to Shanghaiist, Ma has previously been compared to this Picasso painting.
The caption reads, “Is the painting good because Picasso did well or was it because the man in the painting was handsome?” Ma explained that he first saw this picture in the Metropolitan Museum and has since become a fan of Picasso’s “unique eye for beauty.”
The caption reads, “The first time I saw this boy, I thought my family had uploaded my childhood picture.” Ma, who had a challenging childhood, said that when he was that age, he would’ve been holding a brick in his hand. “I used to be so naughty that my neatly buttoned shirt would have no more than two buttons left by the time I returned home,” Ma wrote.
The third picture isn’t of some wierd Asian pop star — this is the real Jack Ma, performing at a company event in 2014 wearing a wig and leather jacket and singing to music from “The Lion King.” “What more is there to worry if I didn’t scare the audience away by looking like this? Right! Just be yourself! Only when be true to yourself can you be truly happy,” Ma wrote.
The last picture Ma posted was of an old man that some speculated he will look like when he’s older. “Maybe someday, when I get so old that my teeth start falling out, I can go back to my hometown and enjoy a simple life,” Ma wrote.
Stay tuned for the next edition of “Things that look like Jack Ma.”
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