They Insulted Her Because She Was a Female Driver, Then She Used Her Real Skills to Get Revenge

She might look like a model or singer, but that’s because 
Louis was hired to prank some friends in Malaysia by giving their drivers the night off and putting her in the driver’s seat instead. She endures rude comments from a sexist male passenger and several rude women until she makes them eat their words.
Check out the latest video from, the same guys who hired professional driver Leona Chin to teach a few sexist men that some women are way better drivers than them.
Louis was hired to drive for three people – one man, a group of women and a couple.
The man made t very clear early on he didn’t think much of women drivers.
The group of ladies who appeared to be drinking in the back seat were immediately rude to Louis, calling her Bangkok.
The Caucasian couple began to notice that things were not what they seemed.
Fed up with their insults, Louis began to turn up the heat on the passengers, weaving warehouses at top speed while two cars with police lights chased the car for dramatic effect.
After coming to an abrupt stop, the dazed passengers get out of the car — that’s probably the last time they’ll ever talk down on a woman driver. 

When two become one 🌪🌪🌪#soon#maxmantv#christylouis#Adonai

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