These Sexist Men Assumed She Couldn’t Drive — She Taught Them a Lesson

Forget Asian women driving stereotypes because this woman has broken them all.

Malaysian pro racer Leona Chin recently posed as a Mitsubishi pickup truck salesperson to help customers test out cars. The 28-year-old professional motorsports driver teamed up with to play another one of their hilarious pranks — this time on unsuspecting car shoppers.  

Disguised as a salesgirl, Chin helped male customers in the Mitsubishi showroom by answering their questions about the pickup trucks. While most of them were polite, a few questioned her experience and knowledge being a woman in a male-dominated sphere. One customer later underestimated Chin by asking her:

“You know how to handle this car? This is a man’s car, you know.”

One customer even hit on Chin saying:

“What’s a pretty girl like you doing selling cars?”

He even offered a disclaimer:

“You know because I have a girlfriend. It’s ok she’s not really here.”

Once Chin gets into the driver’s seat, hilarity ensues. She sure showed the men a few things that trucks can do.

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