Inside the ‘Asian Bermuda Triangle’: What we know about the Devil’s Sea

Inside the ‘Asian Bermuda Triangle’: What we know about the Devil’s SeaInside the ‘Asian Bermuda Triangle’: What we know about the Devil’s Sea
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Japan’s mysterious Devil’s Sea, also known as the Dragon’s Triangle, has fascinated maritime enthusiasts and conspiracy theorists alike for decades.
Asian “Bermuda Triangle”: Situated between the Japanese coast, the east coast of the Philippines and the west coast of Guam, this enigmatic region in the Pacific Ocean has been associated with the vanishing of ships and seafarers. This phenomenon has earned it the unofficial title of the Asian “Bermuda Triangle,” in reference to its more infamous counterpart.
Unexplained disappearances: The area’s mystery first came to public attention in the 1950s when Japanese officials declared it a danger zone for shipping due to a significant number of fishing and military vessels that had vanished in the area in the previous decade. 
In 1952, the research vessel Kaio Maru No. 5, which was sent by the Japanese government to investigate the troubled waters, vanished without a trace, taking with it 22 crew members and nine scientists.
Supernatural causes: The Dragon’s Triangle moniker, popularized by American paranormal writer and linguist Charles Berlitz in 1989, is said to have been inspired by a centuries-old Chinese myth that speaks of dragons residing deep beneath the area’s surface. According to the legend, these mythical creatures can stir up sudden storms, whirlpools, thick fog and monstrous waves.
Another popular story involves the purported attempted invasions of Japan by the conqueror Kublai Khan in 1274 and 1281 AD. Both attempts failed due to typhoons that struck the fleet, saving Japan from the invading forces. Marine archaeologists later found remnants of the Mongol fleets, further strengthening the validity of the story.
Based on natural phenomena: Numerous theories have emerged to explain the mysterious disappearances, including some suggestions of encounters with sea monsters and UFOs. These explanations have been dismissed entirely by skeptics due to a lack of scientific evidence and research.
Some researchers have attributed the incidents to natural phenomena, suggesting that magnetic anomalies, similar to those found in the Bermuda Triangle, may have caused compass malfunctions and confused navigators. Others hypothesize that undersea volcanoes, methane hydrates and seismic activities in the area can lead to sudden environmental changes, causing ships to vanish.
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