Indian Guys are Completely Obsessed with This K-Pop Band Member

Following TWICE’s recent comeback with “TT,” more and more people are becoming part of the ONCE fandom. 
These include men in India who, according to Koreaboo, have been obsessing particularly over member Tzuyu.
Of course, this is something we totally understand. Remember her epic hair flip from this year’s Idol Star Athletics Championships? That’s one reason to love the Taiwanese “maknae”, or the youngest member of a k-pop group.
Last month, a netizen living in South India shared how viral Tzuyu has become in his area:
“I live in South India where K-Pop is pretty much nugu [who?]. So IDK how this happened…”
The netizen posted and translated comments he found:
“Oh god…” “Don’t know who she is, but she’s breathtaking! That’s enough to earn a share from me.”
Need we say more?
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