K-Pop Star’s Epic Hair Flip is the Most Badass Thing You’ll See Today

We’ve seen Oliver Queen, Clint Barton, Daryl Dixon, Katniss Everdeen and Legolas fire their arrows — but none of them comes close to being as gorgeous as this K-Pop star.

Meet K-Pop group Twice’s Chou Tzu Yu, whose hair flipped fabulously as she shot an arrow in the archery event of this year’s Idol Star Athletics Championships.

The sassy moment was captured in slow-motion by Twitter user nallie, who pretty much summed up everyone else’s thoughts:

Surprised at the amount of retweets and favorites, nallie added, “I never would have thought this would become my first tweet to hit 1k but, nice.”

Shortly, one long-haired guy tried to recreate the scene.

— Kyle Hill (@Sci_Phile) September 11, 2016

The secret is to make sure that your hair — at its best — falls right in the direction of the arrow. Good shampoo and conditioner should help too. Dyeing and getting help from a cat are optional.

Tzu Yu, born in Taiwan as Zhou Zi Yu, is Twice’s “maknae” (youngest member) who’s  positioned as the lead dancer and subvocalist.

She is also the “face of the group,” so her archery beauty wouldn’t come as a surprise to long-time fans.

Catch Twice’s latest comeback song below:

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