This New Underwear Protects Your Sperm From Cell Phone and Wi-Fi Radiation

This New Underwear Protects Your Sperm From Cell Phone and Wi-Fi Radiation
Editorial Staff
By Editorial Staff
November 11, 2014
As wireless technology has rapidly advanced over the years, we’ve become so focused on the amazing gadgets available to us that we don’t see the detrimental effects they could have on our body.
Studies have shown that males who were exposed to laptop Wi-Fi for just four hours saw less mobile sperm and carried altered genetic code. In another study, researchers found that semen samples exposed to cell phone radiation saw up to a 52 percent drop in motility and 59 percent drop in viability. With that in mind, many would think twice the next time they used their laptops on their laps or put their cell phones in their pockets for extended periods of time. However, entrepreneur and bio-hacker Ameer Rosic, who recently launched Riparo, claims to have created a high-end, fashionable underwear that protects male sperm from outside radiation. Rosic told NextShark:

“Some entrepreneurs keep their laptops on their private parts, women carry their cell phones in their purses near their breasts, and we are surrounded by EMF which may be causing cancer, which may be causing metabolic issues, which may be making you fat and stupid.”

The underwear is said to block 99.9 percent of radiation when worn. According to the company’s newly launched Indiegogo campaign, here’s how it works:

“Riparo uses the high Silver content in its underwear to help shield against the EM radiation surrounding your body. EM shielding works because EM radiation consists of coupled Electric and magnetic fields. When EM radiation hits something that conducts electricity, such as the Silver in Riparo Clothing, the electric field makes the electrons in the Silver move (which is called an electrical current). Because these electrons move away from the electric field this essentially cancels the EM radiation from continuing its journey.”

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