Men, If Your Phone is Currently in Your Pocket, You’ll Want to Read This NOW


There has been a new analysis of ten past studies on sperm having been exposed to mobile phone radiation by the University of Exeter in the UK and all signs are pointing to a consistent drop in sperm count. Technically, there is still no link to cell phone radiation and a drop in fertility rates, but put two and two together and the global drop in sperm count might have an explanation.

In a correspondance with The Huffington Post, researcher Fiona Mathews, Ph.D, explained that:

“The implications are likely to be greatest for subgroups of men with multiple exposures to different factors which act together to affect their sperm; and possibly for men who already have borderline fertility… However, we need to remember that sperm quality is very variable naturally, and men with a wide range of ‘motility’ and ‘vitality’ measures can still be considered normal and achieve a pregnancy.”

In case you didn’t know, sperm is measured in three ways- motility, what percentage of sperm is swimming normally; viability, what percentage of sperm is alive in a given sample; and concentration, or the density of sperm in a sample. According to the World Health Organization ( 15 million sperm per millimeter is considered normal for fertile couples and fertile men had at least 58 percent vitality, 40 percent motility and at least four percent were normal-shaped sperm cells.

Before you start to panic and Google ways to check your sperm count, Mathews explained:

“I would not argue that use of a phone is going to suddenly make men infertile… However, given the increasing use of wireless devices, and general declines in sperm quality seen over the last 10-20 years across the developed world, this is certainly an area that is in urgent need of research.”

It is further suggested to maybe keep your phone out of your pockets near the jewels and wear loose, breathable underwear. There might be enough argument here to keep from being paranoid, but I won’t be keeping my cell near my crotch anytime soon. Oh and I did Google how to test your sperm and you basically have to go see a doctor to get checked out, but there are home kits that will tell you whether you have a high or low count. Now Yelping the nearest CVS…

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