Hong Kong Bans Pokémon Go Players From Hunting Near Military Bases

Hong Kong Bans Pokémon Go Players From Hunting Near Military Bases
Ryan General
By Ryan General
July 28, 2016
Hong Kong is among the latest countries to finally have Pokémon Go. Local players in the country, as expected, have since been doing what Pokémon trainers do best: go out and hunt for the virtual monsters wherever they may be.
The Chinese government, however, was quick to lay out the boundaries on where players may or may not explore, reported Shanghaiist. China’s People’s Liberation Army has reminded players to be constantly mindful of where they hunt for Pokémon. It also advised Poké-fans to particularly stay clear of military installations.
“Military barracks are restricted areas under Hong Kong law. Without the authorization of the commanding officer, no one is allowed to enter the restricted areas,” a PLA spokesman was quoted as saying.
In China, speculations of Pokémon Go being able to expose Chinese military locations have gained traction online, with netizens providing their own possible conspiracy theory. As one Weibo user put it, “Don’t play Pokémon GO!!! It’s so the U.S. and Japan can explore China’s secret bases!”
Similar concerns over players venturing forth on restricted territories have also been raised in other parts of the world.
In North America, two Pokémon trainers inadvertently crossed the Canada-US border in hopes of catching some virtual creatures. Meanwhile, authorities in Canada have warned players of a particular Pokémon gym which was unfortunately the clubhouse of a notorious biker gang.
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