Vancouver Police Warn Pokémon Go Players That Gym Location is Actually a Hells Angel Clubhouse

Canadian police are warning Pokémon Go players in the Vancouver area to stay away from one particular Pokémon gym that happens to be located at the clubhouse of the notorious biker gang Hells Angels.

The Coquitlam clubhouse, located at 1041 Burnette Ave., is the base of the Vancouver Chapter of the Hells Angels, a biker gang considered to have ties to organized crime syndicates in many countries.

Authorities are now warning the public to use caution as Pokémon Go players, both young and old, have been flocking to the area.

B.C.’s anti-gang agency spokesperson told the Vancouver Sun that having the popular gaming application assign the clubhouse of the notorious biker gang as a virtual “gym,” is not appropriate.

“We think it’s highly inappropriate that this game would include a location that attracts all ages — including children — to the location of a gang that is not only is as well known as the Hells Angels is, but includes people who are involved in the highest levels of organized crime, including violent crime,” said Combined Forces Special Enforcement Unit of B.C. staff sergeant Lindsay Houghton.

While there has not been a complaint so far, according to Houghton, Hells Angels spokesperson Rick Ciarniello has reportedly said that turning their clubhouse into a virtual Pokémon stop was “inappropriate.”

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