Haidilao ‘noodle master’ in London goes viral for mesmerizing noodle dance

Haidilao ‘noodle master’ in London goes viral for mesmerizing noodle danceHaidilao ‘noodle master’ in London goes viral for mesmerizing noodle dance
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A Haidilao employee in London has become an online sensation for his spectacular noodle dance skills. 
Noodle master in London: In a now-viral video posted by food content creator Karies Lam, the unnamed staff member is captured flawlessly executing the signature noodle dance that the Chinese hotpot restaurant is globally celebrated for.
The footage, which has been viewed over 420,000 times on TikTok, showcases the waiter’s effortless and graceful noodle maneuvers.
Unique dining experience: Haidilao, a hotpot chain with over 1,300 locations across China and more worldwide, is known for its immersive dining experience. In its outlets, patrons are accustomed to ordering from iPads and enjoying entertainment in waiting areas equipped with internet kiosks, board games and even manicure stations. 
The famed noodle dance is performed by its “noodle masters,” whose skills in creating 10-foot-long noodle ribbons with grand sweeping motions are honed through four to six months of rigorous training.
Everyone got served: Lam’s video has received praise from commenters, with many pointing out that the London staffer possesses a level of skill rarely seen outside of Haidilao’s Asian outlets. 
“We’re not even at the table, and we got served 😳,” a user commented.
“He’s doing better than the Chinese employees in haidilao lol,” another wrote.
“I’ve been to many HDLs and I’ve got to say this guy’s definitely the best!” an impressed patron chimed in. 
“HDL needs a global employee competition to see who can do the noodle dance best,” a commenter suggested.
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