Thousands of Tourists Have Already Trashed Shanghai’s Disneyland a Month Before Opening

Shanghai’s Disneyland doesn’t open for at least another month, but their opening of the metro station in May has received some unsurprising results from Chinese tourists.

Chinese social media platform Weibo has now been flooded with pictures of the devastating aftermath left by tourists visiting the station on the outer area of the resort.

No visit by Chinese tourists would be complete without a picture of some parent letting their child squat and go to the bathroom in public.

Tourists trampled on flower beds and, ironically, over a sign that asked visitors to stay on the brick path.

One tourist had to leave his mark carved into a lamp post while other tourists disregarded the “stay on the path” signs for that perfect picture.

The only positive side to the situation is that Disneyland Shanghai now knows what hell to expect from the kind of tourists that China is infamous for.

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