Ghibli Park is now selling ‘grilled frogs’ at Valley of Witches

Ghibli Park is now selling ‘grilled frogs’ at Valley of WitchesGhibli Park is now selling ‘grilled frogs’ at Valley of Witches
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Carl Samson
19 days ago
In an enchanting addition to its menu, Japan’s Ghibli Park has begun offering “grilled frogs” at its recently opened Valley of Witches area.
Key points:
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The details:
  • “Kaeruyaki,” which combines the words “kaeru” (“frog”) and “yaki” (“grill”), appears to be a clever twist on taiyaki, a traditional Japanese cake made in the shape of a “tai” or sea bream, according to SoraNews24.
  • The snack is prepared by baking a pancake-like batter into the shape of a frog — a likely nod to fairytales and folklore that aligns with the theme of the Valley of Witches. It is stuffed with sweet red bean paste.
  • The Valley of Witches is the fifth and final themed area of the park. It opened on March 16 to include the park’s first themed rides, which include a merry-go-round and an aerial carousel.
  • Apart from the kaeruyaki food cart and rides, the area hosts a variety of attractions, including a life-size Howl’s Moving Castle, a witch’s house from “Earwig and the Witch” and a play tower. Visitors can also explore the bakery home of Kiki and Jiji, enjoy a meal at the Hot Tin Roof hot dog stand or shop at the 13 Witches store.
  • After launching the Valley of Witches, Ghibli Park introduced a fleet of eco-friendly vehicles inspired by the Catbus from “My Neighbor Totoro.” These vehicles are designed to facilitate 10-minute trips between the Mononoke Village and Dondoko Forest areas through an otherwise inaccessible forest path.
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