Foxconn Plans to Replace All Their iPhone Builders With Fully Automated Robots

Taiwan’s Foxconn Electronics, which plays a huge role in manufacturing Apple’s iPhones, hopes to fully-automate all its factories in China.

The company makes its own manufacturing robots called “Foxbots.” So far, there are 40,000 Foxbots deployed in their Chinese factories.

Company executive Dai Jia-peng revealed a three-phase plan to meet its goal, Digitimes noted.

The first phase involves setting up automated stations for hazardous work or tasks unwanted by laborers. In essence, workers are merely assisted here.

The second phase involves running fully-automated production lines, which are already found inside factories in Chengdu, Chongquing and Zhengzhou.

Finally, the third phase involves running fully-automated factories.

There’s now speculation about what’s in store for human employees. Foxconn made headlines back in March when it eliminated 60,000 jobs in favor of automation — all in one factory. Other factories are expected to follow with more dismissals.

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