Floyd Mayweather Ranks Himself the Greatest Boxer of All Time, Muhammed Ali Fifth

It comes as no surprise that
In a segment on ESPN Deportes, Mayweather was asked to rank the five best fighters of all time, and although Ali was immediately placed by a co-host at the top of the list to start, Mayweather dispelled any such notion that Ali was indeed “The Greatest” by dropping him back into the pool of fighters to be ranked.
While Mayweather was adamant about the greatness of Ali’s political, social and racial activism, saying, “Ali was the greatest for standing up in an era where black people didn’t stand up for each other,” he was not as impressed with his boxing accomplishments.
Mayweather argued:
  1. “Ali really lost all three times to Ken Norton.”
  2. “Ali lost to Leon Spinks, and Leon Spinks only had seven fights when he beat him.”
  3. “Ali only fought at one weight class.”
Before Mayweather explained why Ali was the final choice on his list, he explained why he was the obvious first choice:
“Mayweather doesn’t make mistakes, he gets it done right the first time.
“I have beaten more world champions than any other fighter in less time with less fights. I’ve landed the most punches and I have won the belt in 5 different weight classes.”
After explaining his accomplishments, Mayweather raved about the admiration he holds for Roberto Duran, who was named second on the list, followed by Pernell Whitaker at number three and Julio Cesar Chavez at four.
While many may very well disagree with Mayweather, he is at least entitled to his own opinion and deserved a round of applause at the the end when he said:
“This is me just being honest.”
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