Fifty Fifty, group behind hit song ‘Cupid,’ sue their agency amid slew of allegations

Fifty Fifty, group behind hit song ‘Cupid,’ sue their agency amid slew of allegationsFifty Fifty, group behind hit song ‘Cupid,’ sue their agency amid slew of allegations
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K-pop girl group Fifty Fifty, known for their hit single “Cupid,” finds itself embroiled in a heated controversy that has cast doubt on the future of the rising stars. 
About the group: Fifty Fifty members Sio, Saena, Aran and Keena burst onto the scene with their debut EP “The Fifty,” released in November of last year. 
The group has since experienced a meteoric rise to fame, setting new records with their hit single “Cupid” on the Billboard Hot 100 and the British Official Singles Chart Top 100.
Attrakt’s allegations: The group’s talent agency, Attrakt, made headlines earlier this week after it made a slew of public allegations and filed a lawsuit against content creation company The Givers. 
On Monday, Attrakt released a statement accusing an unnamed third party of attempting to poach Fifty Fifty’s members by approaching Warner Music Korea, the group’s global distributor. It also demanded an explanation from Warner Music Korea and vowed to hold those responsible legally accountable.
The company then revealed on Tuesday that it filed a criminal complaint against The Givers CEO Ahn Sung-il citing obstruction of business and breach of trust for allegedly trying to acquire the copyrights to Fifty Fifty’s global hit song “Cupid.” 
Opposing parties respond: Warner Music Korea responded with its own press statement on Monday denying the allegations and expressing disappointment over the accusations. The company claimed to have provided support and resources to enhance Fifty Fifty’s success and disputed any involvement in the alleged poaching attempt.

We have made every effort to provide our capabilities and network to enhance the remarkable achievements attained by Fifty Fifty and its agency. However, we are deeply disappointed by the unsavory allegations that have been raised.

The Givers also denied attempting to poach the group’s members or registering the song’s copyright independently. The company asserted that they had owned the copyright to “Cupid” even before the Fifty Fifty project began.
“The allegations Attrakt unveiled to the media are completely false,” The Givers’ statement read. “We have maintained a neutral position between Attrakt and Fifty Fifty members.”
Fifty Fifty sue: All four members of Fifty Fifty have filed a lawsuit against Attrakt seeking to suspend their exclusive contracts. The members, represented by law firm Barun Law, cited a lack of financial transparency and disregard for their health conditions as reasons for their legal action.
On Thursday, The Givers also announced through its law firm Hwawoo that they will countersue Attrakt for spreading false rumors. The company reiterated that they had fulfilled their contractual obligations and obtained the copyright claims to the group’s songs through legal means.
The Korean Music Copyright Association currently cites Ahn, Ahin and Keena as copyright holders for “Cupid.” On the music site Melon, Siahn (Ahn), Ahin and Keena are credited as lyricists, while three Swedish composers are listed as the song’s creators.
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