Ex-convict caught sniffing women from behind at California bookstore released from jail

Ex-convict caught sniffing women from behind at California bookstore released from jailEx-convict caught sniffing women from behind at California bookstore released from jail
Michelle De Pacina
August 17, 2023
An ex-convict was released from prison just days after he was caught following women around and sniffing them at a bookstore in California. 
About the ex-convict: Calese Crowder, 36, was identified as the man who was caught smelling women’s backsides at a Barnes & Noble in Burbank on Aug. 8. 
The incident was recorded by TikTok user Michaela Witter (@michaela.witter), who was filming herself going on “100 solo dates” for TikTok. In the video, which has garnered over 2.7 million views, Crowder can be seen crouching near Witter’s legs. When the 28-year-old content creator asks him what he is doing, he says he is tying his shoes. Crowder can also be seen approaching another woman in the bookstore to do the same thing. 
Unearthing Crowder’s past: The viral video has since unearthed similar cases of harassment in the area, with others coming forward to claim that they have also been harassed by Crowder. Witter’s video also caught the attention of former Los Angeles Lakers basketball player Robert Horry, who said that the same man had stalked his stepdaughter in the past.
According to Glendale police, Crowder has a long history of peeping, prowling and residential burglaries dating back to 2005. The convicted stalker has been arrested multiple times and served eight years in prison. 
Walking free: Crowder was accused of peeping and prowling at a Glendale home with children on Aug. 6 and was arrested on Aug. 11. However, he was able to walk free on Tuesday after a California judge placed him on probation.
Witter’s warning: His rapid release came as a shock to Witter, who took to TikTok to warn those in the Burbank area to “please be careful.”
“Is this real?” Witter says in a second video. “I was hoping it would be longer than just three days. They can’t do anything until he’s done something really bad to someone. And I’m honestly scared that that person is gonna be me.”
According to Witter, she has spoken to at least 20 other women who have also allegedly been harassed or stalked by Crowder. “We just honestly don’t know what he’s capable of,” she says. 
The Barnes & Noble incident remains under investigation. Those with information and anyone who believes they were also victimized by Crowder are urged to contact the Glendale police at 818-548-4911.
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