‘EEAAO’ producer Jonathan Wang returns rented Tesla late, invites owner to see his Oscar

‘EEAAO’ producer Jonathan Wang returns rented Tesla late, invites owner to see his Oscar
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Carl Samson
March 22, 2023
“Everything Everywhere All at Once” producer Jonathan Wang met the owner of the Tesla he had rented to get to the Oscars last week after their tweet went viral.
Brandon Brown, who goes by the handle @Red_BULLish, took to Twitter on March 15 to share a screenshot of his conversation with Wang, who rented his vehicle via Turo.
Brown wrote that the person who rented their Tesla had explained in a message that they would be returning his car late as they had just won an Oscar.
It turns out Wang was returning the car late as he got caught up in the aftermath of the Academy Awards, where “EEAAO” bagged a total of seven trophies.
“Full disclosure, I won an Oscar this weekend so that’s why I was a little out of it,” explained Wang, who accepted his film’s best picture award.
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The revelation took the Tesla owner by surprise.
“I looked him up and he really did win an Oscar, that’s crazy,” Brown wrote in his viral tweet, which has now amassed more than 19,000 likes.
Commenters cheered the serendipitous encounter, with some wishing Brown — a Los Angeles-based entrepreneur and actor himself — the opportunity to work with Wang in the future.
“I hope this story evolves into you being in his next film and then you BOTH have to rent Teslas to go to the Oscars,” wrote Emmy and Peabody-winning producer Naimah Jabali-Nash. “When the red carpet reporters ask: ‘How did you two meet?’ The response will be, ‘Well, funny story…’”
Wang confirmed to NextShark that he returned Brown’s Tesla late:

After the Oscars, I was in a three-day fog and completely forgot to return my rental car. [But] instead of being met with fees and angry texts, I got to meet Brandon and his wife and was delighted to share in this moment with them.

In an update Tuesday, Brown shared a photo of his momentous meeting with Wang — and that he got to see and touch the Best Picture Oscar of what has been reported as the most awarded movie in history.
“Thanks to this viral tweet I was invited to see the Oscar in person! Shout out to Jonathan Wang and congrats for sweeping the Oscars for your film ‘Everything Everywhere All At Once,’” Brown said in his tweet.
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Brown also took to Instagram to share the occasion. In a series of Instagram Story posts, he said he had only listed the Tesla for rent a month prior, and Wang was actually his first renter.
“The very first person to rent one of my cars was an Oscar-nominated producer (which I didn’t even know at the time), then he let me know he won an Oscar during our convo coordinating the return of the car,” he wrote.
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Brown also shared a clip of himself holding what arguably is the most-coveted Academy Award, for best picture — and “manifesting” earning one himself someday.
“I got invited today to come hold the Oscar in person,” Brown wrote. “You can’t tell me this ain’t in my future.”
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