ESPN’s Pablo Torre explains how Harvard classmate Vivek Ramaswamy was ‘That Guy’ in school

ESPN’s Pablo Torre explains how Harvard classmate Vivek Ramaswamy was ‘That Guy’ in school
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The presidential hopeful had a libertarian rapper called "Da Vek" for an alter ego, Torre says

October 4, 2023
American sportswriter and host Pablo Torre recently spoke about his college days with entrepreneur Vivek Ganapathy Ramaswamy, shedding light on the Republican presidential candidate’s persona in the classroom.
“That Guy”: In the Sept. 26 episode of the “Pablo Torre Finds Out” podcast, Torre reminisced about Ramaswamy’s college days at Harvard, referring to him as “That Guy” on campus. Torre explained that “That Guy” is typically a “campus celebrity” who possesses an extraordinary level of ambition and an acute awareness of their image. 
“Ramaswamy, when we were both freshmen, was famous on campus for his alter ego 20 years ago,” the ESPN host recalled. “His alter ego was a libertarian rapper that he called ‘Da Vek.'”
Drawing cringe: According to Torre, Ramaswamy fits the “That Guy” description perfectly as he was allegedly undeterred by how his actions leave others cringing. Torre said Ramaswamy would often raise his hand conspicuously in the shape of a ‘V’ during lectures, resembling a “bat signal for terrible libertarian takes.”
“Obama karaoke”: Torre elaborated on Ramaswamy’s behaviors in MSNBC’s “11th Hour with Stephanie Ruhle.” Torre said part of what’s “absurd” about the GOP presidential candidate is his conduct of “Obama karaoke,” daring people to think “this is what a smart person looks like” when it’s what “an extreme, ridiculous person looks like.”
“As a tool of the ‘deep state’ here to undermine his campaign, I’ve been instructed to remind people that the dude has been ridiculous for 20 years,” Torre jokingly added.
Ramaswamy, who announced his bid for the Republican nomination in February, has a net worth of over $950 million as of August, as per Forbes. Should he win the 2024 election, he pledged to fire 75% of federal employees, end civil service protections for bureaucrats and abolish multiple federal agencies, including the Education Department, FBI, ATF, IRS, Nuclear Regulatory Commission and USDA’s Food and Nutrition Service.
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