Elderly Woman Caught Ripping Hair Off Camel to Take Home at Zoo in China

Elderly Woman Caught Ripping Hair Off Camel to Take Home at Zoo in China
Khier Casino
June 1, 2017
An elderly woman in China has been slammed online after she was caught on camera grabbing a handful of hair from a camel’s body at the Dalian Forest Zoo in Liaoning Province on Tuesday.
In a short video filmed by another visitor at the zoo, the grandma can be seen stuffing the animal hair into her bag as others can be heard telling her to stop.
After the incident, Dalian Forest Zoo said in a statement that the camel is now in its shedding season anyway and has not been injured by the female visitor.
It is unclear why she approached the animal in the first place.
The zoo has also asked people to forgive the woman for her actions, but it seems that it’s already too late.
The video has since gone viral on Chinese social media with a number of netizens criticizing the elderly woman and her generation of aging “Red Guards”, according to Shanghaiist.
Several camels were moved from the public and a sign saying “Don’t touch the animals” was put up at the zoo.
Are you going to use it to knit a scarf?” one internet user wrote, according to South China Morning Post.
Another commented: “She’s taking advantage of her old age.
A similar incident occurred back in February, when visitors chased peacocks and pulled out their tail feathers at another zoo located in Yunnan province.
A man was caught on video in March throwing rocks at a couple of resting kangaroos at a zoo in Jiangsu Province to get them to stand and hop.
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