Man Caught on Video Throwing Rocks at Sleeping Kangaroos in Chinese Zoo to Get Them to Jump

Zoo visitors are usually warned not to feed the animals or throw things in exhibits, but one jerk decided to chuck some rocks at a group of kangaroos in Yangzhou, China, on Sunday.

The man was caught on video attempting to throw multiple stones at the resting animals in order to get them to move and hop around, but he was immediately stopped by fellow visitors, according to Shanghaiist.

He claimed he was not doing anything wrong, and explained that he was on a “rare trip,” which makes no sense whatsoever and is not a good excuse to start throwing hard objects at a living creature.

The video has since gone viral on Chinese social media on Wednesday with many online netizens arguing that he should be the one thrown in the cage and see how he likes it.

Check out this news report on the zoo incident:

According to the Huffington Post, instances of animal abuse at zoos have continued in China, despite previous crackdowns.

In 2013, a series of photos showing visitors at the Hangzhou Zoo throwing snowballs at lions went viral and received thousands of comments criticizing the abuse.

Breeder Zhu Yan said that workers at the zoo were busy clearing snow at the time and were not aware of visitors chucking snowballs at the animals.

Although snowballs can’t hurt large animals like lions, the behavior upset us nonetheless,” Zhu said. “Our animals should be treated fairly. We hope our visitors will use some self-discipline and be nicer to them.

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