Elderly Chinese Worker Successfully Chases Armed Robber Away With a Broom

A 61-year-old Chinese restaurant worker successfully chased an armed thief  from his workplace with one of the most least threatening object possible — a broom.

On Tuesday night, Peter Vuong was working his shift at a Chinese restaurant in Queensland, Australia, when a masked intruder suddenly showed up and pulled a gun on owner the owner, identified as Demi.

Vuong stepped in and told the man they had no cash. He recalled the incident (via Yahoo! News):

“He pulled the gun out and then with two hands he holds it, then said ‘money, money, money.'”

But for some reason, Vuong thought the man’s gun was fake, so he went to kitchen and took a broom.

Vuong apparently used the broom to hit the intruder right in the face. He then chased him away while shouting, “Robber! Robber!”

The intruder was later seen by a surveillance camera riding a bicycle away from the scene.

“He was scared and ran away,” Vuong added.

This is certainly the first time we’ve seen a broom used against an intruder,but Chinese restaurant workers have a knack for defending their work with various items.

Photos via Yahoo 7 News

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