Unemployed Man Takes a Brave Approach to Finding a Job to Support His Family

Not very many people have the courage to stand before an audience and admit that they are struggling, but Donnie Grooms is not like the rest.
Last Wednesday, Grooms stood outside of Ram’s Stadium in Missouri with a sign that read:
“My family’s dreams don’t work unless I do. Please take a resume.”
As soon as the picture of Grooms and his yellow sign hit the internet, it went viral. KMOV posted the picture on their Facebook page and people immediately began talking about the man who stood outside Busch stadium looking for a job to support his family.
According to KMOV, Grooms has a debt of over $500,000 in student loans. However, since his public appearance on Wednesday, Grooms has been offered several jobs, including ones from businesses in the United Kingdom and South Korea.
While Grooms has yet to accept an offer, he says he will be outside Busch stadium on Sunday pushing more resumes.
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