Trump Supporters Are More Likely to Expect Sex on the First Date, Research Says

According to a new study, Donald Trump’s supporters aren’t just more likely to be older and white — they’re also much more likely to expect sex on the first date and to have recorded a sex tape.
Online dating company Match used data they surveyed from 5,504 American singles last year for their sixth annual Singles in America study released Monday. Among the new study’s revelations were the differing relationship attitudes between Trump supporters and Hillary Clinton supporters.
Bachelors and bachelorettes who support Trump were found to be 99 percent more likely than singles who support Clinton to have filmed themselves having sex, and 1,104 percent more likely to expect “sexual contact” on the first date. Clinton’s fans are 2,133 percent more likely than Trump’s to not have expectations for physical contact on a first date, although they are 102% more likely to lie about their number of sexual partners.
The company also found that the billionaire’s supporters are 82 percent more likely to be unemployed than supporters of Clinton. Those in the former secretary of state’s camps are 176 percent more likely to be female and 606 percent more likely to be gay.
Clinton’s base is also 129 percent more likely to drink red wine, while Trump’s is 79 percent more likely to drink beer.
Overall, Trump supporters skewed much older — 84 percent were over 45, and they are 96 percent more likely to be retired.
The study also revealed a few statistics regarding the politically passionate and orgasms: singles that are passionate about politics have 13 percent more orgasms and are 32 percent more likely to have multiple than those who aren’t politically inclined.
The study found that ultimately a second date might depend slightly less on who you support than how you express that support. Good political conversation on a first date was found to increase the odds of a second date by 91 percent, and 79 percent of singles expressed a willingness to date someone aligned with a different party.
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